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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Local Groups Heraldry
 Local Groups Arms  

Kingdom of Atenveldt Arms Kingdom of Atenveldt Azure, a sun in his splendour Or within a laurel wreath argent and in chief a crown of three greater and two lesser points Or. Barony of Atenveldt Arms Barony of Atenveldt Argent, a laurel wreath flammant proper within a bordure gules.
Barony of Sundragon Arms Barony of Sundragon Argent, a rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure, clouded within a laurel wreath azure. Barony of Twin Moons Arms Barony of Twin Moons Azure, a pall inverted embattled between two moons in their complement argent and a laurel wreath Or.
Brymstone College Arms Brymstone College Per bend sinister sable and gules, a three-headed hound passant within a laurel wreath Or. Barony of Tir Ysgithr Arms Barony of Tir Ysgithr Azure, on a bezant a boar's head couped close to sinister sable, armed argent, within a laurel wreath Or.
College of Saint Felix Arms College of Saint Felix Per pale gules and azure, a closed scroll bendwise argent ribboned sable within a laurel wreath Or. Barony of Mons Tonitrus Arms Barony of Mons Tonitrus Argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert between a pile in bend and another in bend sinister and in base three chevronels braced, all sable.
Barony of Ered Sul Arms Barony of Ered Sûl Azure, in base three mountain peaks vert, fimbriated and snow-capped argent, in canton a laurel wreath argent. College of Sankt Vladimir College of Sankt Vladimir Argent, an angel argent winged and garbed gules crined and cuirassed sable, maintaining in its dexter hand a spear bendwise and in its sinister hand an open book argent, in chief a laurel wreath gules.
Shire of Burning Sands Arms Shire of Burning Sands Per chevron Or and sable, in chief two suns sable and in base a dragon's head, erased and sinister facing, Or within a laurel wreath argent. March of Wealhhnutu Arms March of Wealhhnutu Vert, on a chevron throughout argent three walnuts fesswise proper, in base a laurel wreath argent.
Shire of Granholme Arms Shire of Granholme Azure, on a chevron engrailed between a bird bolt fesswise reversed and a laurel wreath argent, five annulets azure. Barony of Granite Mountain Arms Barony of Granite Mountain Per fess indented vert and sable, in chief a laurel wreath Or, a bordure erminois.
Shire of Iron Wood Loch Arms Shire of Iron Wood Loch Gules, a cross parted and fretted argent interlaced with an annulet Or, overall a laurel wreath argent. Shire of Windale Arms Shire of Windale Argent, chaussé azure, in pale a laurel wreath vert and an aeolus azure.

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