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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Order of Precedence
 Order of Precedence  

Order of Precedence (OP) is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it.

In formal events, the OP plays a part in how members are organized. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in their order of precedence.

In Atenveldt's OP, you don't need an award to be listed. Using photos and devices from many of our populace, it works as a who's who in Atenveldt. Feel free to explore.

Atenveldt's award charters are also kept in the Order of Precedence.  An award charter is part of Kingdom Law that formally declares everything about the award.

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Your device must be approved by the College of Heralds and found in the armorial.  To add your device, send your REGISTERED blazon, full SCA name, and email address to

Officer Positions

To change an email or a warranted office on your OP, please contact the Regnum Officer with a copy of the warrant.

(what regalia can I wear?)

Use these forms to register or change your name, device, or badge with the SCA College of Heralds.
Your local herald can help you with the submission process.

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Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Badge of Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt: "Or, a branch bendwise sinister vert between two scarpes within a bordure indented azure", suspended from a colored ribbon.

"Or, a branch bendwise sinister vert between two scarpes within a bordure indented azure", suspended from a colored ribbon.

Award Charter

In Anno Societatis Thirty-two, during the first Reign of Their Majesties Aaron and Alessandra there was created an award known as the Order of the Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt. Marie Josephine was created Premier of this Order on September 6, 1997.

In Anno Societatis Fifty-two, during the first reign of Their Majesties Marek and Golda the charter for the Hope of the Sun was amended.

I. There shall exist in the Kingdom of Atenveldt an award, known as the Order of the Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt, which may be given by the Crown to those young people who demonstrate an understanding of life in these Current Middle Ages, who know and use the appropriate courtesies consistently, and who demonstrate to the best of their abilities and knowledge; a willingness to serve (Or Ribbon), abilities in the arts and sciences (Vert Ribbon), an interest in the arts of war (Gules Ribbon).

II. The members of the Order shall be styled as Companions of the Hope of the Sun of Atenveldt and shall be entitled to place the initials H.S.A. after their names.

III. The insignia of the Order shall consist of a medallion, bearing; "Or, a branch bendwise sinister vert between two scarpes within a bordure indented azure" and suspended from a colored ribbon:
  • Or for Service
  • Vert for Arts & Sciences
  • Gules for the Arts of War.

IV. Recipients of the award shall have attained no more than 18 or less than 13 years of age, and shall have been active in the Society for Creative Anachronism for at least one year.

V. Companions of the Order shall take precedence after Awards of Arms but before non-armigerous Principality Orders.

VI. Amendments to this Charter shall be made by the Crown of Atenveldt.

VII. Membership in the Order of all previous recipients of this Award is hereby confirmed.

November 16, 2017

Merek  Golda
Rex Atenveldtus Regina

Seamus McDade
Aten Principal Herald

109 People with this Award

1 2 3
SCA NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Maria Josephine of Barony Atenveldt9/6/1997  
Nicole the Rechargeable11/2/1997Arthur and Tamira  
Gwenhwyfar Montgomery12/13/1997Arthur and Tamira  
Gavin MacFhearguis5/29/1998Mathghamhain and Katerina  
Chimene of Barony Atenveldt6/13/1998Mathghamhain and Katerina  
Robin of Greenbriar10/31/1998Douglas and Amanda  
Katherine McColum11/1/1998Douglas and Amanda  
Aaron Montgomery12/12/1998Douglas and Amanda  
Stefan Weisswolf This person has a display of Arms in the record2/14/1999Douglas and AmandaWhite Wolf of Dandroy 
Eagle Eye of Dandroy2/14/1999Douglas and Amanda  
Sean MacColum3/27/1999Douglas and Amanda  
Liam MacColum3/27/1999Douglas and Amanda  
Shaura of Twin Moons8/21/1999Arthur and Gabriela  
Joshua Mills the Forgetful8/21/1999Arthur and Gabriela  
Onora McDade8/21/1999Arthur and GabrielaErin McDade 
Rusha al-Zahyra4/15/2000Aaron and Alisandra  
Christiana Hawks7/30/2000Mathias and Sarolta  
Dawen the Dark This person has a display of Arms in the record8/5/2000Mathias and Sarolta  
Finn Gilgan6/30/2001Balor and Haley  
Franziska Gertrudus Kesselheim This person has a display of Arms in the record6/30/2001Balor and Haley  
Rhys ap Gwylym Tatershal This person has a display of Arms in the record7/29/2001Balor and Haley  
Pheona Ann McFair12/1/2001Mathias and Elzbieta  
David von Helle1/19/2002Mathias and Elzbieta  
James the Younger6/29/2002Aaron and Alisandra  
Renee de Avgnion7/6/2002Aaron and Alisandra  
Alexandria la Fevre7/6/2002Aaron and Alisandra  
Olaf Hawkonsson7/13/2002Aaron and Alisandra  
Matthew de Lacy This person has a display of Arms in the record7/13/2002Aaron and AlisandraJohnathan de Lacy 
Hermione MacRorie9/7/2002Aaron and Alisandra  
Theodur of Ered Sul11/2/2002  
Kaylar of Barony Atenveldt12/7/2002Jonathon and Deille  
Sean O'Brien2/13/2003Jonathon and Deille  
Pembroke MacConnell2/16/2003Jonathon and Deille  
Stórvarr örvarsmiðr This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/29/2003Jonathon and Deille  
Svan Ragnarsen4/5/2003Jonathon and Deille  
Fáelán hua Fáeláin This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record4/10/2003Jonathon and Deille  
Ashleigh the Scribe5/3/2003  
Brodder Ha'konson9/6/2003Eric and Nichelle  
Venora O'Davorean This person has a display of Arms in the record3/27/2004Jonathon and Deille  
Gabriella Tigre This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/27/2004Jonathon and Deille  
Elizabeth Wold This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/27/2004Jonathon and Deille  
Duncan Magollricke This person has a display of Arms in the record5/2/2004Craven and Ismenia  
Irene de Lucian8/7/2004Craven and Ismenia  
Matthew Mrazik10/2/2004Craven and Ismenia  
Cortland Wise12/11/2004Areus and Mariana  
Lily MacFaelechoin8/6/2005Eduard and Asa  
Yamiyo no Ran This person has a personal photo in the record10/16/2005Eduard and Asa  
Stanford Baldrichsson10/16/2005Eduard and Asa  
Valbjorn Hrútsson This person has a personal photo in the record11/12/2005Aaron and Alisandra  
Monique Plaisance3/11/2006Aaron and Alisandra  
1 2 3


 News & Updates  

New Names & Devices Passed - Saturday, August 1, 2020
Congratulations!  These names and devices were passed by the SCA College of Heralds in the May 2020 LoAR's and have been added to the Atenveldt OP:

Bozena z Prahy. Name change from Beverly FitzAlan de Stirkelaunde.

Lasairfhíona inghean uí Néill. Name and device. Argent, a fox sejant regardant purpure, on a chief azure three sheaves of arrows argent.

Perrenelle Moreau. Name.

Regarding Persona ID theft - Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From the President's Oct 2007 report

Persona Theft and False Awards and Honors.
I find myself compelled to use this space to speak to the membership about a fairly rare problem that has tripled in quantity and directly detracts from the inherent value of the entire system of Theatrical reenactment and recognition of excellence that flavor so much of the Society.

I refer here to the growing number of cases where we find someone either claiming to be possessed of the titles of a peer/noble/notable person - or outright stealing/borrowing the persona and titles of a person who labored long and hard for the honors and reputation being so casually nicked.

No sense of fame or positive regard is worth the ignominious and final demise that awaits the SCA career of anyone we catch doing this. And they are always caught.

I do not write of this problem and ask the membership to teach our new folk the value of earning honors as opposed to sneakily claiming them because I worry the perpetrators will get away with the caper. They will not.

I worry about the disheartening impact on the members and participants who work with good souls, a sound conscience, and can lose faith in what we are and seek to do when they encounter such crass thievery.

This growing problem will be stemmed by the swift and final treatment of those caught in the act of persona theft/false honors - that is my job and I am all over it. It will also be eased by teaching our new folk what the path to recognition is and encouraging them to walk upon it.

Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) - George Reed (Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep)


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