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How Do I Correct My Order of Precedence Record?

Updated November 20th, 2007

So, you've pulled up your individual record in the Atenveldt Order of Precedence, and an award you received is missing! Or maybe it's there, but it's listed incorrectly—the wrong level for multi-tiered awards, or the wrong date. What now?

 First of all, did you ever use an alias or nickname, or have you registered a new name? If the name on the scroll you received is different than the name you've registered, make sure you search the OP for both names! Alternatively, awards sometimes get listed under a familiar nickname instead of the properly registered name and, while we are working diligently on condensing those records, we can't cross-reference names until we know to whom they belong! If you find an award of yours listed under an alias, nickname or previously-registered name, just e-mail the Abacus Herald with all of the pertinent name and award information.

If the award is completely missing and not hiding under a nickname or alias, additional information may be required to update your record. You should:

Contact the Abacus Herald by e-mailing Provide as much detailed information as possible:

  • the names of the Crown who gave you the award;
  • the name and date of the event at which you received the award
  • the name of the award.

The Abacus Herald will pull the paper copies of court reports from that Reign, and will use these to verify that you received the award.

If the award is not listed in the court reports from the Reign during which you received the award, then the Abacus Herald will require additional documentation, which can be provided via either of these forms:

Acceptable alternatives include:

  • Photocopy your scroll (preferably a color copy), and provide the paper copy to the Abacus Herald.
  • Scan or photograph your scroll and e-mail the image to the Abacus Herald. The text of the scroll must be legible and the signatures of the crown must appear in the image. 

If you've received awards in other Kingdoms, we would like to include that information in your record as well! If the awards are visible online in that Kingdom's Order of Precedence, please e-mail the Abacus Herald a link to where the award can be found online along with copies of your scrolls, and that will be considered adequate documentation. If the award is not visible online, please contact that Kingdom's herald in charge of Precedence and have them complete the Outside OP Documentation Form. For all persons moving to Atenveldt, we are happy to include you and want you to have credit for all your earned awards, but due to the recent rise in personna theft we mush be able to verify that you are the person you claim to be and have earned all the awards that you claim.

A note from the Society Seneschal's Publishable Summary in the President's Report of the October 2007 Board Meeting:

   "Persona Theft and False Awards and Honors. I find myself compelled to use this space to speak to the membership about a fairly rare problem that has tripled in quantity and directly detracts from the inherent value of the entire system of Theatrical reenactment and recognition of excellence that flavor so much of the Society. I refer here to the growing number of cases where we find someone either claiming to be possessed of the titles of a peer/noble/notable person-or outright stealing/borrowing the persona and titles of a person who labored long and hard for the honors and reputation being so casually nicked.
No sense of fame or positive regard is worth the ignominious and final demise that awaits the SCA career of anyone we catch doing this. And they are always caught. I do not write of this problem and ask the membership to teach our new folk the value of earning honors as opposed to sneakily claiming them because I worry the perpetrators will get away with the caper. They will not. I worry about the disheartening impact on the members and participants who work with good souls, a sound conscience, and can lose faith in what we are and seek to do when they encounter such crass thievery. This growing problem will be stemmed by the swift and final treatment of those caught in the act of persona theft/false honors-that is *my* job and I am all over it. It will also be eased by teaching our new folk what the path to recognition is and encouraging them to walk upon it."

Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) - George Reed (Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep)

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