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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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How to Bring the Kingdom Calendar With You

By Godfrey von Rheinfels, 6/27/2010

Our Kingdom Calendar, managed by the great folks in the Calendar Office, is hosted on Google Calendars.  This service makes it available to everyone who uses Google Calendars and provides many tools for our team to manage the calendar's easily.  It also makes the calendars easy to add to many other programs such as Outlook and iCal.  Instructions for syncing with those programs are available at Google.  The calendar continues to be available to anyone through the embedded calendar on our site's calendar page.  But as of this writing (6/27/2010), there doesn't seem to be a way to display a public calendar nicely in a mobile phone.  I am going to focus on getting you started with a Google account and adding the calendars to that account and then displaying those calendars on your mobile phone.

Creating a Google Account

The first thing you need to do to get started is to have a Google account.  There is probably a good chance you already have a google account if you have a gmail address, have participated in any Google groups.  Login to Youtube, use Google Reader, have an Android phone, or use any of hundreds of other services that Google provides.  If you don't have one yet though, you can get one free and easy at  You don't need to sign up for gmail or any of those other services and you can use your current email address.  
Once you have signed up,  Google will send you a verification email to your address so it be sure you are getting email that it sends to you.  Google won't spam you, this is just a way to make sure you can do things like reset your password and get communications about its services that it needs to send to you.

Adding the Kingdom Calendars to Your Google Calendar

Once your account is all verified, you can go to and view your calendar.  If you are a new user, it will be pretty blank.  Visiting this link adds Google calendar to your account.  You need to do this before you can view additional calendars on your account.  You can easily see all the services that you have signed up with at Google by going to your dashboard.   Now that you have your calendar service all ready to go.  Visit our Calendar page and click the "Add to Google Calendar" graphic at the bottom of the calendar.

When you click this, your browser should direct you to your Google Calendar page and you should see a popup.

From here, you can add the individual calendars or add them all with the Add All button.  You should then see the same calendar's on your calendar as you see on the Kingdom Calendar page.  You can edit the colors of these calendars or remove them later by clicking the little triangle next to the name of the calendar in your "Other Calendars" section on the left side of your Google Calendar page.

Displaying the Calendars on My Mobile Device

Now that you have the calendars on your Google Calendar account, you can easily use Google's mobile web pages and services to see the calendar data anywhere you go.

Android Phones

Mobile phones with the Android Mobile Operating System already use Google Calendars with the Calendar applications built into the Phone, so you should be able go to the calendar app, and assuming you have used the same Google account that you already set up on your phone, view the Kingdom calendars.  From your calendar app, hit the menu button, choose "More", "Calendars",  and then choose which calendars you want to see in your calendar app.  These instructions are based on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and may change depending on the version of your phone.   Android phones can also read below with how to see the calendars on your mobile browser.

Other phones

Other phones should be able to also use Google Calendar's  There is support for SMS messaging and mobile browsers.  Google provides instructions on mobile services for many phones.  Older phones that don't have a good browser may want to use the SMS options.  Newer phones such as the iPhone, Android based phones, Palm and Blackberry should be able to view the calendar through the mobile browser.  Just browse to or scan this QR Code: 

QRCode to
Be sure you bookmark this to easily look it up again when you are out and want to check when the next event is.

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