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Friday, September 25, 2020
Northern Atenveldt * Barony of Ered Sul
 Barony of Ered Sul  


Weekly Populace Meeting: Populace Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every other month at the Joe Montoya Senior Community Center on Thorpe St in Flagstaff at 6:30 pm.  
Fighter Practices : Armored combat and rapier practice on Sundays 2:00 pm at the Kiwanis Park at the corner of S San Francisco St and E Pine Knoll St in Flagstaff (across the street from the NAU Skydome).


Sir Christopher FitzArthur of Walland Marsh (Chris Walsh)
PO Box 432, Pine, AZ , 85544
No Calls after 9pm
Office Warrant Ends: 8/1/2023
Office History
Bantheign Miana ní Chonnagáin (Maureen Walsh)
PO Box 432, Pine, AZ , 85544
Office Warrant Ends: 8/1/2023
Office History
Office History
Wolff Belar der Koch
Office Warrant Ends: 10/1/2021
Office History
Jenna of Ered Sul
Office Warrant Ends: 3/17/2022
Office History
Marshal - Armored Combat
Sir Thaddeus Legolas
Office Warrant Ends: 10/1/2020
Office History
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Sir Angus Macairt (Steve Aird)
Office Warrant Ends: 10/9/2021
Office History
Harafnrel Sveinsson
Office Warrant Ends: 10/30/2021
Office History

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