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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Kingdom Web Minister
Matne Dona
Office Warrant Ends: 7/1/2020
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Ketiley drekki tongua
Office Warrant Ends: 8/31/2018
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Web Minister
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 Barony March of Mons Tonitrus Web Minister  

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Flóki rauð-hárr
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Duncan the Sinister
Office Warrant Ends: 3/1/2020
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Emergency Deputy Web Minister
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 SCA Publication Release Forms  

In September, 2010 a new set of Release Forms was published.  These forms are to be in use by every Society publication and web site by JANUARY 1, 2011, with the exception of one: The Compleat Anachronist (they will have different versions of the form). The forms cannot be modified, either by addition or deletion, with one exception: adding the name of the specific publication and/or web site.

Please note when using the fillable version of these forms: They take an electronic signature (which they will help you generate). All the fields, including the ones below the signature field should be filled out before the signature field. If you alter a field after you have digitally signed it, please clear out the signature and sign it again.  Please also note that problems have been reported if you rename the file prior to filling it out.

These forms can be filled out, digitally signed, or printed, filled out, scanned, and sent directly to the Web Minister or Chronicler of the publication your are giving release to.  If granting a general release, please include a copy to the officer in charge of any likely place you will be submitting work to.

For Kingdom of Atenveldt Website, please submit forms to
Before you email us the form, please name it with your SCA Name - Type of Release

For instance, Godfrey's file names look like this:
  • Godfrey von Rheinfels - Creative.pdf
  • Godfrey von Rheinfels - Photography.pdf
  • Godfrey von Rheinfels - Model.pdf
Release Forms Letter - 9/21/2010
Letter describing the use of the forms. Please review this before using any of the forms as an officer or someone wanting to fill these out.

Pdf document with questions and answers intended to help someone figure out when they need to have a form filled out.

Zip File Containing All Versions of the Release Forms
This zip contains the filleable and non-fillable versions of all the release forms available below.

Release Form for Models
Release Form for Models - Fillable PDF
Release Form for the subjects of photographs. This will need to be filled out to get your photo in the Order of Precedence or for any other photo used of you or your children to release your permission to use your image.  Note that photographers that are taking pictures for an SCA website or publication will want to carry some of these.

Photographer Release Form
Photographer Release Form - Fillable PDF
Release Form for photographers for one or more photos. This will need to be filled out to get your photo in the Order of Precedence or for any other photo used by you on this or any other SCA website or publication. Note that if your photo is of a person, that person must also have a Model Release Form on file or submitted with this form.

Creative Works Release Form
Creative Works Release Form - Fillable PDF
This release form is for someone who is contributing to an SCA publication in the form of an article, story, script, poem, song, artwork or map. 

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