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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Royalty * 100th Crown of Atenveldt, Morgan and Elizabeth
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Morgan & Elizabeth Aethelwulf

King and Queen of Atenveldt

Crown: August 24th, (BES, AZ)
Coronation: November 2nd, 2019 (BTM, AZ)
 Stepping Down: TBD



Scheduled Progress

November 2nd: Coronation (BTM, AZ)
November 3rd: Champions (BTM, AZ)
November 23-24th: Art of War (BSD, AZ)
December 14: Starkhafn Yule (Las Vegas, NV)
January 4 2020: Kingdom 12th Night (BTY, AZ)
January 5: Southern War Practice (BTY, AZ)
January 11: Sun Sand & Swords (Shire of Burning Sands)
January 12: Central War Practice (BSD, AZ)
January 19: Northern War Practice
January 25-26: Crown/Warlords (BTY, AZ)
February 18-24: Estrella War (Estrella War website)

In March 2020 Atenveldt and the SCA  cancelled all events and group activities to comply with health 
mandates and assist in preventing prevent the spread of the Corona Virus during the worldwide pandemic.

May 9:  1st "Virtual Court" (Multi-Kingdom - held on the Internet)
June 13: 2nd "Virtual Court" (Multi-Kingdom- held on the internet)
July 25: 3rd "Virtual Court" (Multi-Kingdom- held on the internet)


Gifts and Largesse

We are very blessed to have a prosperous and hard working Kingdom with so many volunteers among Our Populace, and We can think of no better way to thank deserving individuals for their efforts than with handmade gifts.

As We attend events within the Kingdom We would like to showcase our talented artisans to the Populace by giving out handmade gifts.  In addition We are travelling to large events outside the Kingdom along with the pleasure of investing new Barons and Baronesses in Our Lands, so we are always in great need of largesse.  

To that end, to create suitable gifts, We would ask that they meet some of the following criteria:
    • Be labeled with a description and your name
    • Be durable and unaffected by heat
    • Be suitable to present to the Populace of Atenveldt, including investiture of Sundragon
    • Be suitable to present to Crowns and Coronets of foreign lands
    • Be small enough to pack and to go on a plane. This also applies to gift containers.
    • Make multiples of the same item so that foreign Crowns may then gift them to their populace
    • NOTE: Scented items must include an ingredients list and be packaged in sealed ziplock bags. This will allow us to screen for allergies, prevent cross contamination of items, and maintain the condition of the largess.

100th Crown of Atenveldt, Morgan and Elizabeth | Crown Prince and Princess of Atenveldt

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